AntzFree - Use your head!

Assistive and inclusive communication mobile technology

  • Free iOS app that works just by head movements
  • Giving back control to people who have limited use of their hands
  • Connecting them to the digital world

How it works

Install AntzFree on your device, launch it and put the device in front of you

Our computer vision software engine processes the images captured by the front-facing camera

No calibration needed, instantly learns how move a circular pointer on the touch screen through the natural head movement

AntzFree include a keyboard that allow the user to write text messages and speak them, but in the future we would like to include Twitter, a browser to surf the net and maybe even a game to play

Story behind the app

We are skilled in computer vision and some years ago developed a desktop application based on eye tracking to help people severely impaired to use a desktop/laptop computer. The algorithms and the advanced prototype we developed didn’t become industrial products as the need of customized hardware/software and hardware distribution became issues.

As that time mobile phone and tablet were not as powerful as nowadays, some months ago we decided to bring our ideas and technology to smartphone and tablet that have all the hardware we need on board and stand on a trustworthy distribution way.

Some months ago, thinking of all that people that cannot always have everything close at their hands, we decided it was time to donate them the chance to take part in all of that “social” process and we started to develop AntzFree.

Antz Designer

Antz Hunter

“Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise”

(Prov 6:6)

We are looking forward to explore opportunities by integrating and expanding our technology

Feel free to contact us!